Annual verification

> The annual verification’s operations of the scissor lifts, obligatory by law, are performed to demonstrate if the parts on which the safety of exercise depends are under condition of efficiency, if the safety devices regularly work and if it has been complied to the prescriptions eventually imparted during previous verifications.
> Submitting to Asalift the Annual Verification means to resolve with competence and rapidity both the bureaucratic and technical aspect. The annual verification in Asalift is performed by a certified and authorized tester, who certifies its suitability.
> The aerial platforms can be delivered to Asalift, by appointment, 2-3 days before so that our technical experts can evaluate the remedial measures for a quick positive result of the revision. By submitting the revision to Asalift the consumer optimizes times, costs, and he has the security to be suitable to the safety regulations for another year.
Here you find some controls performed by Asalift during the annual revision:
1)     Manipulators’ unblocking control and warning devices;
2)     Verification of machine’s status: welding, pivots, handrails, baskets, arms, scissors;
3)     Verification efficiency of the manual descents of emergency, of the towing’s
        unblocking, good visibility of stickers;
4)     Verification efficiency and calibration of the inclinometer;
5)     Verification calibration of the maximum capacity and visibility of the stickers;
6)     Verification good visibility of the stickers of the Commands Box, of the Control Unit
        and of the safety belts;
7)     Verification good operation of all the mini-switches, above all the M1
        (translation in reduced);
8)     Verification efficiency of the devices for anti-pinch;
9)     Verification pot-hole;
10)   Verification fastening of die-wheels and pneumatic;
11)   Verification steering and hubs;
12)   Control status of the cable 220 V and of the magnetotermic switch;
13)   Control efficiency leveling bubble;
14)   Verification in platform of the poster in aluminum
        “instructions for use” and of the file case.
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