>  Safety in rules: according to Asalift, safety means carrying out inspections on site, assessing the actual operative requirements of the client and checking that the rules are fully complied with.
> Safety at work: a priority allowing you to work in the best conditions without any risk.
All machines of Asalift’s fleet are maintained regularly by qualified personnel and extraordinarily by the manufacturer.  
An yearly inspection is carried out by ASL and INAIL. 
All our operators are suitably trained, with all the certifications required by the related legislator.
Asalift’s staff is regularly updated and trained also for the use of machinery in the most difficult and emergency operations and safety refresher courses are periodically run.
Our managers are specialised and trained in accordance with the most stringent, current standards and procedures.
> Safety, environment and health
Asalift has always been attentive and committed to guarantee safety and health at workplaces.
We operate by fully complying with health and safety standards and parameters of gas emissions to air. We renew and update our own fleet by using and renting low environmental impact machines.
All Asalift machines are insured:
- against fire and theft;
- they have a RCO insurance cover (civil responsibility towards employees);
- they have a RCT insurance cover (civil responsibility towards third parties) for extra-circulation damage.

You can take out a customised insurance cover, depending on the type of place and work to be done.
In such a case, please send a written request from the "CONTACT DETAILS" area
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