Platforms and Machines Rental
with and without operator


ASALIFT is - Presentation:

ASALIFT was actually established in late 2005 by merging three companies, which had been on the market for quite some time.
ASA is the acronym for the following companies:

> ACAST, after-sales service for forklift trucks, motorised street sweepers, scrubber-dryers and aerial work platforms, production and assembly of special forklift trucks and aerial platforms.
> SICEP, for the rental of platforms in Reggio Emilia and Mantua area.
> ASSO, for the rental of platforms in Milan area.

LIFT stands for "lifting", which is the common feature of the three companies.
In this way the range of products available is increased,
including self-propelled aerial platforms, truck-mounted platforms, forklift trucks and site equipment.



With ZainoMotore you can make your mini excavator HYBRID.
ZainoMotore allows you to operate with the same mini-excavator both outside and inside.
Irreplaceable in those situations where low noise and zero emissions are required.